Mambo and Salsa Teacher
Carlos König
(Taught in a 2-month cycle*)
MONDAYS 6:30-8 pm and TUESDAYS 6-7pm

This level is for those people who have never taken classes in this style of mambo "On-2", or who are simply interested in learning a different style of salsa. To get you started, I cover both open footwork (called "SHINES") and partnerwork. I personally demonstrate how to lead and to follow.

In the course of the 2-month cycle, you learn different steps to embellish your dancing, such as Suzy-Q, Front Double Cross, Side Basic, Spiral, Double Crossovers, etc. You will learn how to turn right and left in partnership, execute a Cross-body, L-turn, Cross-hand turn combinations, etc.

* During your transition from Basic Beginner to Advanced Beginner, it is often helpful to take the Basic class in conjunction with the Advanced Beginner class, in order to reinforce your basic footwork, and solidify your basic partnering technique. I recommend taking the Basic class again from the 3rd or 4th week on.
(Taught in a 2-month cycle **)
MONDAYS 8-9:30 pm and TUESDAYS 7-8 pm

This level requires that you are comfortable with the basic steps and basic partnership.

Turn patterns will be longer and involve more changes of position and turning for both Leader and Follower. You learn turns such as the Copa, Whip, Basket, etc.

The Shines here are more sophisticated, involving a wider mix and speed of footwork, more styling and connecting slightly longer combinations.

The Monday class is 1 1/2 hours of pure patterns and Lead/Follow practice. This will accustom you to a social dancing atmosphere and give you a chance to assimilate patterns into your natural flow of movement. I highly recommend this class to advance you to the next level.
TUESDAYS, 8-9:30 pm

This 1 1/2 hour class will teach you to link different patterns and transition from one to the other more quickly. You will get plenty of practice dancing to different tempos of salsa, and you will learn how to effectively CONNECT with your partner.

For this level, I choose one or two technical ideas for each class and develop them throughout the session. Towards the end of class, I reinforce these ideas by having you execute them in different variations within a longer turn figure.

Double-turns will be emphasized and occasionally broken down. You will begin to experience more complex partnering ideas such as Dips, Hesitations and Open Breaks.

Ladies/Followers learn how to use hands during partnerwork. Both Leaders and Followers learn various embellishments of footwork during partnering.

I recommend this class to advance you to the next level on Wednesday, Intermediate I.

WEDNESDAYS 6-7:30 pm

As a consistent intermediate dancer, you continue at this level to refine your partnering skills, sharpen your style and make all shines and patterns a natural part of your dancing.

The first half of the class will involve shines that are more intricate in timing, balance and weight-change. I go through several songs, combining many shines. I will break down 2 or 3 shines, and possibly mix them with some others to create shine choreography.

The partnerwork portion involves more challenging lead changes and sharper following reflexes. I will enforce practice with different - especially higher - speed tempos of music, and help refine footwork for multiple spins and other more advanced partnering moves, such as variations on Dips, Hesitations and Lunges.

At this stage you are able to move from learning technique to being able to connect more completely with your partner and the music, and taking learned patterns and tailoring them to your own expression of the rhythm of mambo.
WEDNESDAYS, 7:30 - 9pm

This is currently the most challenging level I teach. Dancers at this level should be completely in control of their leading and following so they can focus on more difficult and/or unusual partnerwork ideas.

Shines involve sophisticated steps, with syncopations, playing on different musical ideas, and danced to quick tempos.

You learn to execute more technically advanced patterns, which will involve multiple spins, dips, lunges, etc. Detailed attention will be paid to embellished footwork, body movement and arm styling.

I break down 5 or 6 shines for each class, working on timing and style, and varying your practice with different speeds of music. You learn the more commonly used mambo steps as well as some of my own mix of shines.

This class prepares you for the shines in the 6 pm class on Wednesday.
In each class you learn the beauty of turns and patterns that show you how to consistently connect with your partner and make him/her feel great while you dance. Above all, I want you to have fun when you dance, connect with and enjoy your partner, and feel the music. I encourage you to take whatever you learn in my classes and make it your own.
** With practice and repetition, you may advance to the next level for the following cycle, although it is often beneficial to take 2 Advanced Beginner cycles (especially for Leaders) to make your dancing smoother and feel more natural.



You don't need to bring a partner to take the classes. You will rotate with other students during the class.

The best shoes to wear are suade bottom and leather (smooth)-bottom. Avoid rubber shoes to keep from sticking during turns and prevent injury.

The studio has a very nice wood dancing floor.

I recommend bringing a change or two of dry shirts for your comfort and your partners'.

Especially for beginners, coming on time will prevent you from losing any material that is broken down at the start of class, and keep you from feeling lost as the class continues.

Class Descriptions
All classes are held at Ripley-Grier Studios in midtown Manhattan.  It is a new, top-of-the-line rehearsal studio, well-equipped with balanced sound systems, ample A/C and ventilation, full-length mirrors for all rooms, and clean, comfortable restrooms and changing areas.  For a look at my studio, click onto and check out room 17D.